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MAPM, the National Member Association of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), is proud to honor excellence in project management through its Project Manager of the Year Award 2015/2016. Successful project managers drive and lead creating an environment that makes things happen. They balance technical and management skills, juggling different views and perspectives, backgrounds and personalities. They focus team performance to deliver benefits to their client and other stakeholders.This award is given each year to a deserving Project Manager (PM) who exemplifies the values we hold as Project Management practitioners.



Award Criteria


  • There will be one winner for the Project Manager of the Year

  • PM is a member of an internationally recognised project management association and is in good standing.  Good standing means that current year dues are paid.

  • The Project Manager (PM) has made a significant positive difference to the outcome of a project (or section of a major project) in the year preceding the award cut-off date.  This may be delivering a successful project or “turning round” a project that was in trouble – the award is for the PM’s capability and contribution, not the project.

  • PM’s contribution is recognized and supported by his/her management, customer or end user, and project team.

  • The PM has a demonstrated knowledge and understanding of Project Management theory and preferably holds an internationally recognised project management qualification.


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