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Past Global Recipients

2013 GPM Sustainability Award

Each year the GPM honors the achievement of an individual who has made significant contributions to the advancement of sustainability in project management.

2013 GPM Fundamentals Award

Each year the GPM honors the achievement of a student who has shown exemplary work using our methodology in a PRiSM Practitioner Course. The fundamentals award-winning students inspire and challenge others, contribute to the profession’s knowledge base, and extend their work beyond the borders of academy into practice.


2013 Project of the Year Award

This year for the first time we have gold and silver winners.

Gold: The Adelaide Desalination Project 

South Australian Water Corporation - Adelaide, Australia
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Meet the 2014 Graduates of the year Award

China’s 2010 IPMA Award Winner Receives Million Yuan Reward

The Netherlands. Professor Quin Fupei, PMRC Honorary Chairman, and IPMA Honorary Member, announces exhilarating news: “In the year 2010, Huizhou Oil Refining Company won the IPMA Project Excellence Award in the category Mega projects. This is not only an honor for Chinese people but also an honor for all Huizhou citizens.”

2014 Project Manager of the Year

2014 Young Project Manager of the Year

IPMA Award Winner 2014

“It’s a panoramic evaluation – 360° – which clearly established Herschel-Planck as the outstanding program in its category. It was a good training for my following project management activities. I learned a lot from the evaluation model. Indeed a good benchmark of project management results.”

IPMA Award 2011 Winner

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“Winning the Award was an exceptional experience we shared with our customer and was a further confirmation that long service agreements are the right basis for strong partnership, innovation, performance and success.”

IPMA Award 2009

“There are rare possibilities for a Project to be audited or evaluated from outside by PM professionals. The IPMA Project Excellence Award is such a possibility, providing international recognition. If you are tough enough, apply for the Award!”

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