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In conjunction with World Food Day, Sustainable Business Network Association Malaysia (SustNET) will hold a few cooking competition in 2020, 

SustNET Cooking Competition is a national cooking competition aimed to provide a platform for participants to showcase their culinary skills both individually or as a team as well as discovering new talents. The competition also aims at creating awareness of the impact of sustainability in the food service industry by building food preparation skills along with the sustainability guidelines and motivate students
to put sustainability element into practice.


The competition gives participants a chance to win prizes and a certificate by Chefs Association Malaysia & SustNET

The competition also serves to increase brand awareness and brand recognition of the local products and resources, simultaneously promoting Malaysian rich gastronomic delights of various cultures and races.


1. Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia

3 categories
PROFESSIONALS – professionally trained and certified chefs.
AMATEUR – self-taught food enthusiasts and chefs holding no certification.
JUNIOR – school-aged food enthusiasts 12-17 years old from public or private institution.


There will be two formats – pre-planned and mystery basket. The first round requires entrants to
bring a pre-cooked dish and present it to the judges. Entrants must be able to describe the dish and
its preparation. The final round requires teams to prepare at least FOUR dishes for a complete meal.
The mystery ingredients could be POULTRY, BEEF, VEGETABLES and SUPERFOOD.


Participants must conform to the following rules:
1. Describe in detail the ingredients and preparation of the dish in the first round.
2. Wear proper cooking attire. Perfume must not be overpowering.
3. Any information given upon application must be accurate. Otherwise, entrants will be
4. All fees are not refundable.
5. Organizers have the right to publish and use recipes, photos and any information related to
the competition in any way.

There will be 4 panels of judges:
1. A representative from the Chef Association.
2. A food critique or writer.
3. A food scholar, specializing in nutrition and dietician.
4. A specialist in sustainability and waste management.

Taste - appealing to the judges’ taste buds and senses.
Quality Presentation - Creativity at play, making use of colours and accompanying sides.
Process - Putting elements of sustainability, green and ethical into practice.

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