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Malaysia Project Management and Sustainability Award 2015


is NOW in Malaysia

National Winners will be sent on to compete for the Regional and International Awards


MAPM Achievement Awards

The International Project Management Association (IPMA) and the Malaysian Association for Project Management (MAPM) has jointly agreed to have the Malaysian Project Management Awards for 2015. IPMA Awards have been known to be one of the most pretigious awards given to individuals and companies from all over the world who have shown leading examples in show casing the value of project management.


International Project Management Association (IPMA) Awards

Managing projects often means dealing with ever-increasing complexity and volatility. Project managers and their teams are required to give their best to achieve the desired outcomes for stakeholders, organizations or society. Are these achievements recognized enough? In IPMA Awards they are!


IPMA awards excellent projects through the IPMA International Project Excellence Award, "the Oscar" in Project Management, so to speak. The Award supports professional project management in achieving high performance in projects. It motivates project teams to identify and optimize the use of their strengths. Standing as a Winner, on the stage, in front of an international audience is one of the greatest recognitions a project manager and the team can receive.


In 2013 IPMA Achievement Awards were added to the portfolio. There are 4 categories of Achievement Awards. The Awards for Internationally Funded Humanitarian Projects and the Community Service/Development Projects recognize management of projects from non-profit sector. Individuals showing excellent performance in the field of project management are recognized in two other categories: Project Manager of the Year and Young Project Manager of the Year.


The IPMA Research Awards recognize recent outstanding contributions to developments in the project management field through professionally conducted research. We have 2 categories in Research Awards --- IPMA Young Researcher Award and IPMA Research Award. In each category IPMA distinguishes 2 prizes: Research Award Winner and Honours of Outstanding Research Contributions.

Malaysian National Sustainability Awards

The Green Project Management (USA) has also agreed to colloborate with IPMA and MAPM, to give away additional awards known as Sustainability Awards for this year 2015 for any Malaysians who wants to apply for it.

The Annual GPM Global Sustainability Awards

Green Project Management® (GPM®) has established the Sustainability Awards program to honor and showcase the achievement and impact of individuals and projects in the advancement of sustainable development thru the implementation of sustainable (green) project management practices. The program represents the achievement in sustainability across all continents of the globe and through a network of training partners encompassing approximately 130 countries. Each year, GPM bestows awards across a number of categories including: 


• Project of the Year is bestowed upon a project manager or organization that exemplifies the impact and relevance between sustainability and project success.

• Individual Sustainability Award for an individual for their efforts in advancing sustainability in project management

• Research Award supporting the implementation or advancement of sustainable project management

• Student Award/ Fundamentals Award for a student enrolled in a tertiary (eg University or equivalent) Masters level course which incorporates Sustainable Project Management or Sustainability Practices or a GPM Practitioner Level Course.


Malaysia Project Management and Sustainability Award Launching

The announcement on the Application for Malaysia Project Management & Sustainability Awards shall be held at


Venue   : JW Marriot, Kuala Lumpur

Date      : 15th May 2015

Time     : 11.00 am

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