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Green Project Management



Fundamentals Award

Any  Student  enrolled  in  a  tertiary  (eg  University  or  equivalent) Masters  level  course  which  incorporates  Sustainable  Project Management  or Sustainability  Practices  or  a  GPM  Practitioner Level  Course  is  eligible  to  enter.   


A  winning  submission  will  be  one  who  demonstrates,  through  narratives  and  documentary  evidence,  excellence  and/or in  course  assessments  undertaken  within  two  years  of  the  submission  date  dealing  with  the  practices  of  Sustainable  Project  Management.  The  assessment  may  be  of  any  size  or  value,  from  anywhere  in  the  world.


Past Recipients


2018 - Asmaa Slimani, Luxembourg - CSR Consultant
2017 - Alicia Stein, United States - Sustainability Consultant
2016 - Student Team of Victor Benoit, Juliette Brunet, Jean Michel Chauvet, Alice Chen and Martin Trou - Skema Business School, Lille France
2015 - Timothy Andersen - United States - Coca-Cola

2014 - Claudia Palacios - Nicaragua - UCI Global School of Project Management

2013 - Anna Wang, China - Volkswagen Financial Services

2012 - Rosana Fransescato, United States - Adobe Systems

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